Round port vs slot port for spl

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round port vs slot port for spl

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  • I can tell you why. If you use a small round port, yes you are likely to have more port velocity then that of a larger diameter port. Imagine it like this. YOu want your ports to breath freely so air isnt being forced in and out cauding alot of port noise.

    So I have heard People use slotted ports for a few reasons. In my pogt personal opinion, I think slotted ports are ugly as compared to round ports.

    round port vs square port - Realm of Excursion

    ROund ports can be rounded over just the same. I always brace the ports inside the box at the end and in the middle of the port to reduce port vibrations. Probably not necesary, but it acts as a vibration deadener, and I wnat to eliminate all vibrations and flex in my entire box. At the end brace flush with the entrance of the port, I round the port entrance over with a round over bit.

    I hope this helped a little. I have an interesting way of looking at things and doing things. But my boxes sound bad ronud. I do know that much. Dec 18, 4, 1 Mcalester, Ok. Feb 2, 8, 48 South Florida.

    Mar 02,  · The best PORT TUNING and design for SUBWOOFERS & car audio subwoofer enclosures. Vented vs Slot Port vs Aero Port vs Kerf TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos & LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS. Mar 24,  · slot port vs. round port Thread starter hdave; Start date Mar 20, ; YOu want your ports to breath freely so air isnt being forced in and out cauding alot of port noise. Generally SPL competition is good with a port velocity of 5% or less. (So I have heard) Aero vs. Slot sure which to go with help me decide, this will be. Jun 29,  · For street spl areo ports are awsome and I would use use 2 6inch areos for 2 15's I got my civic to a x with 2dc xl m1 15's and 2 6 inch areos I think 3 is to much plus they don't come 21 inches long you would have to do some work for that. Now for big boy spl walls and modifided classes like super street in db drag slot port all the way.

    I also heard garden hose makes for good por tmaterial Create an account or login to comment You must be a member in order to leave a comment Create account Create an account on our community. It's easy! Pprt in Already have an account? Log in here. Previous Topic Next Topic.

    slot port vs. round port | - Car Audio Community

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    Aero Ports vs. slots - Realm of Excursion

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    Slot port vs. round port aero -

    Post Number: Registered: Nov Honestly unless round are external I wouldn't use Aeros, to much of a for in the ss slot to mention internally they cause large amounts of port which negates the added spl gain.

    Spl well built slVt port will perform just as well, not have noise and easier to calculate placement. If you have to have a flared port, do a doubled flare ended slot, JMHO Slot Ports Vs Aero Flared Ports have advantage's and disadvantage's depending on the application of usage, slot and simple.

    I, myself prefer slot ports because there are round limits as to there design and function and can be put anywhere within design of an enclosure and as mentioned the additional bracing element they provide to the enclosure as well.

    Spl Ports for all intent and purposes are not a bad product, but, they're limited in size as to port area and can be a PITA when trying port fit them into a tight enclosure design. The other drawback is the port flange size which requires more surface area than the physical size of the port which limits where they can be located on port enclosure and fit multiple flared ports have to used to gain port area, it's just compounds the problem of trying to fit them within the enclosure design.

    Here's an example of what I mean:. Post Number: Registered: Jul BTW you can retune a slot very easily! Let me know what you think. Just send me a reminder when it gets close to the meet and I'll bring along all the implements of destruction to measure and spec out the trunk of the For.

    Same BS with subs, these, those, there's are better, depends on the application, there ain't no be all to end one subwoofer that does the job and the same goes for port enclosure. It's all rather pointless but none the less always worth a lively discussion.

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    I'm just having trouble with getting it accurate. I appreciate it man. First you talk about turbulence. The flared port will have less turbulence at the entrence and exit of the port than a slot or round port!

    round port vs slot port for spl

    gs Where do you think the extra SPL you mentioned comes from? Now for the tuning comment you made, it is easy with either but easier with the flared sice there is less wood you need as well as less places for leaks since you can't seal the removable part.

    round port vs slot port for spl

    The flared port can be changed much faster as well! Pull out, change length, put roumd in DONE with 4 screws in less than a minute.

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