How to keep my poker face

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how to keep my poker face

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  • Keep a straight face - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
  • Your hands express more than you may realize, so focus on making fluid and deliberate movements. To learn how to avoid emotional words in an effort to appear emotionless, keep reading!

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 6 references. Categories: Emotional Detachment. Marie that's my name don't wear it out. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account.

    Urban Dictionary: poker face

    Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. It also received 20 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Learn more Relax your eyes and mouth. The eyes and mouth can express a multitude of emotions.

    It is important to keep control over them at all times. The best way to do this is by working on your non-expression. A blank face is a look people use to keep others at a distance. You can see this face displayed in almost any crowded elevator.

    It's like a do not disturb sign for your face. You'd be surprised how tensed-up they can become even if you aren't experiencing any emotions. Poker players make an art form of the expressionless poker face. Study how poker players play without any indication of excitement or nervousness. Do not avoid eye contact.

    Avoiding eye contact can be perceived as an emotional reaction.

    keep a straight face

    Just look at the person hoow same way you would look at a chair or a wall. Watch your movements. Subtle gestures can be very expressive, even if we are not always consciously aware of them. This is usually the most difficult part of looking emotionless, and no matter how hard you try there is still going to be some small gesture that tells something about how you feel.

    How to Look Entirely Emotionless: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    Avoid any fidgeting, such as cracking your knuckles or biting your fingernails. Do not show any keep that you are tired by rubbing your eyes or yawning.

    Tapping your feet can make you seem nervous. Looking down too much can make you seem shy or sad. While most people can keep a poker face, even poker players' hands betray them and it is the biggest tell picked up by watchful eyes. Try making only fluid and deliberate movements. Don't move unless you need to. Then, move decisively and confidently. Maintain emotionless posture. Avoid showing any emotion with the way you stand or sit. Don't cross your arms. This can poker seen as defensive.

    Keep your arms relaxed and at your sides. Sit back in your seat. A relaxed, unconcerned posture is the best way to show how unemotionally involved you are. It also helps put more distance between poker and anyone you are with. Leaning forward can make you seem eager or excited. Speak logically. Channel your inner Spock and try to have conversations that express absolutely nothing about how you are feeling.

    For example, if you're out to dinner and someone asks how your burger is, tell them it is medium rare and a little greasy. Do not say it is delicious or gross, even if it is. Just state the facts. If you are asked a question about how you're feeling or something that can't be answered with facts, your best bet is to avoid the question by asking a question back.

    You can also try giving a vague or ambiguous response. Keep an even tone. Watch the pace and pitch of your words. Raising your pitch can be an indication of excitement or agitation.

    Dropping your pitch and speaking more face can seem like you're uncertain or upset. Try to speak as though you are reading an instruction manual out loud. Dull, informative and without originality will go a long way to keeping your conversations low-key. Don't use emotional words. Many words express emotions. Some are very obvious, while others express more subtle emotions. While it's obvious you don't want to say you're sad or happy, you also how not say you're determined, calm or indecisive.

    These words express just as much of your emotional state. Avoid using adjectives to describe words that will reveal your feelings. Don't say a movie was exciting or romantic.

    Instead, describe the film as action-packed or dramatic. Don't hang out with emotional people too much. People that are very emotional can draw you into their drama and make it difficult to be totally emotionless. You don't how to cut anyone out of your life completely, but you may want to limit your contact with your more emotional friends.

    Simply tell them you have to go return some videos or something along those lines. Learn keep accept things. A big part of looking emotionless is to not let anything bother you. Once you come to realize that you didn't have the power to change most of the things anyway, they might not bother you so much. If you can give up trying to control things face happen, you will have an easier time accepting it when things don't go as expected.

    Desensitize yourself. Watching violent television shows or movies is the way most people desensitize themselves. While this is often debated as being harmful, evidence shows that watching violent shows can make viewers apathetic to human pain and suffering. Look at money often.

    It may sound silly but looking at money tends to make people act keep businesslike. Find an outlet for your emotions. No matter how good you get at keeping everything inside, sometimes you will need to release how the poker. Writing or playing music is a good way to get out emotional pressures, while other people may find getting out their frustrations by kickboxing works better.

    It doesn't matter what activity you choose as long as you can release any anxiety you have on your own terms instead of keep a sudden meltdown in front of everyone. How poker you resist anger, crying, and smiling and laughing at the most difficult times? Just focus on a single thing, like kewp object face the room that face nothing to do with whatever is triggering the emotion and tune out everything else.

    Do this until you have found your center again. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful What if I'm totally fine but my friends say I how sad, and even after I say I'm fine, they keep bothering me about it? Just say, "Seriously, I'm fine. This is just my face. too

    how to keep my poker face

    Not Helpful 8 How To stop yourself from laughing when keep said something funny, you could excuse yourself, think of something depressing, pinch yourself, bite your tongue not too hard! If you do got soul, you got no money! Some players don't wear sunglasses, because they have mastered the steely eye technique. They always have a look of intense concentration bordering on a menacing glare.

    They always look like they are making a complex calculation--even when their true thoughts are, "This hand keep junk! I'm probably gonna have to fold! When poker practice your poker face in front of a mirror, imagine yourself sitting at the table in various circumstances with various hands.

    Now imagine the dealer gives the flop, or you're turning the River, or you just got a pair of Aces as your starting hand. Look at how you how in the mirror and if you reveal anything on your face, practice controlling that urge to show expression.

    It might help if you shuffle a deck of cards and then deal them out to yourself face see how you react. You can even try putting on a game on TV just behind face to the side of the mirror so that you can watch and hear the TV and see yourself at the same time. How do you respond when your favorite player gets a pair of aces?

    The flop he's been hoping for? Learn to feign cold indifference no matter what. Poker imagine that you are a total professional, if that helps.

    Keep a straight face - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    Get that "I'm a pro" look. Maybe it helps you to dress in a jacket and tie to further this.

    Jan 19,  · How to Look Entirely Emotionless. It can be a big advantage to be able to appear completely emotionless. While most people can keep a poker face, even poker players' hands betray them and it is the biggest tell picked up by watchful eyes. Hesitant hand and arm movements can show your fear, uncertainty, anxiety or excitement. Try making only 93%(98). One of the most important abilites in poker is to be able to keep a poker face, and our page will help you learn how to do just that. Learn tricks and tips on how to keep a poker face and find out why it is so important when playing poker. Mar 19,  · It looks like I’m paying attention (and I am) but somehow it makes it easier to keep my neutral face than if I’m looking directly at the person. Thanks for this interesting question–I’ve never thought about how I keep a poker face on, but it’s an important part of my job.

    People who are professionals at something usually don't get overly emotional about it. They have that look like "this is my job; it's going to be done right". In that light, just ask yourself: why ever get frustrated or angry or joyous at a loss or win, when it's all going to change?

    This can help you keeep your look of "so what? So yes, you must have a poker face to be successful at all at Texas Holdem. Knowing how to keep a poker face is vital to your success--in fact, your poker survival. Learn To Win Hold Em.

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    4 thoughts on “How to keep my poker face”

    1. Kristy Kurth:

      Practicing so that you have a poker face and know how to keep a poker face is one of the poker playing essentials. Your poker face is your mask of deception!

    2. Jann Jimmerson:

      Having a good poker face means not expressing positive or negative reactions to the game, keeping your body in a relaxed position, and calmly interacting with other players. This can become difficult when tensions are high but is necessary when playing the game.

    3. Blaine Butcher:

      It can be a big advantage to be able to appear completely emotionless. Controlling your emotions can help you gain control of negotiations, avoid confrontations and even seem cool. While it may seem like it is easy enough to hide your feelings, it takes a lot of practice to look entirely emotionless.

    4. Darrel Dykstra:

      Top definition. A face on a person that shows no emotion , often called poker face because in the game of poker it would be foolish to show any emotional traits that might screw the game for you. Nicole has one solid poker face when we have sex, that's why I had a vasectomy.

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